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Thats a great result for only your 4th sculpture.
Looking at pics of the creature a few things stand out as not quite right
Art Wrinkle Close-up Fictional character Painting

Chin is a bit too square
Eyes need to be flatter on bottom and more dome shaped on the top
Nose should be smaller, narrower.
The body is spot on.
Faces are definately hardest to do especially sculpting a likeness.
Ive just spent a week trying to get a womans face to look prettier and more feminine, its not easy.

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welcome to the forum, Michael.
first of all, AWESOME craftsmanship !!
the only thing I would suggest for the video portion is to have some regular speed and fast speeds. For me personally, I like to see the normal strokes of the tools.. In fast motion, people miss a LOT of your craftsmanship. And, maybe skip some of the mundane parts to make the video shorter - but still keep the viewer's attention.
all in all, excellent presentation. the lighting and camera angle is perfect.
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