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Getting started - advice on purchase

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Hi there!

I've been a "digital artist" for years and have been thinking for some time about trying traditional painting. So, I have absolutely no supplies!

The method I've decided I want to attempt first is Bob Ross, especially because I can paint along with him. I had a few questions.

Also, since I have to buy everything from scratch I was hoping if someone could look over my list and tell me if I am buying the wrong things. This will be a Christmas gift to myself, I don't want to purchase the wrong stuff (or stuff I don't need, or miss things I absolutely need!)

  1. With the Bob Ross method. Is "Liquid White" the same thing as Magic White? I cannot find anything called "magic white", which he mentions a lot.
  2. When painting with this method do I need to complete a painting basically in one-go? I am unsure if I can still add paint a day, two, three days later with this method.
  3. I've basically picked out a pack of what I consider practice canvas. They're just panels and not the pre-stretched double prime Ross always starts with. Does this just effect storage/display, or will it effect how my paints take to the canvas, thus messing up this method?
  4. I've read conflicting information on the "Bob Ross" paints. Some say they are no different from other paints. But I have saw it said that the paints are dryer, thus work better for the method of painting. And that I would need to soak the excess oil out of other paints (Not so interested in doing that to start with!). True?

And here is the list of items I have made so far:

Bob Ross Master Paint Set
Mainly I picked this one because it has the brushes and paints. I calculated any buying them seperately cost a lot more. Plus, the box seems very nice, and the brushes/paints included already added up to more before the box was taken into account.
Art Alternatives Canvas Panels - 12 - 8x10 size
Again, for practice, not displaying or selling.
Art Advantage 11x15 inch clear acrylic palette
I believe this style is easier to clean than wood? And you see your colors truer on the clear base?
The Marquid Desk Easel
Basically, I very much want a real easle some day if I do stick with painting. Until then, they're very expensive, so I thought this would be a good start, and it has storage. The only thing is it is slightly smaller than the panels (panels are 11x15, easle is 11x14 - but with no edges that would prevent it from fitting). Is that okay, or do I need another one?

Lastly, I just have the paints not included in the bob ross kit, all his brand:
Dark Sienna, Prussian Blue, Phthalo Green, Yellow Ochre, Indian Yellow - ranging from 6-$8 a piece...

A bottle of black gesso, because I definately want to try the black canvas method.

The "bob ross base coat value pack"
Which has liquid clear, liquid white, liquid black & brush conditionor. It seemed like a good deal at $18.
Oderloss paint thinner.
I picked this brand but do let me know if there is better/cheaper.

The totals with these items is around $225. It is a lot to jump in. But, I am fairly confident I will enjoy this and I would like to start out with some good stuff.

I have found it all on Amazon for ease of purchase... but if there is another site with better deals (when you calculate in shipping + tax!), let me know!

Thanks so much for any advice. I know this is crazy long.
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Question 1: Liquid white is the same as Magic white it is used to cover the canvas/panel before you start a painting (very little used) it helps make the canvas/panel slippery and helps with his technique.

Question 2: No you don't have to complete a painting in one sitting. That's the beauty of working with oils it stays wet for a long time.

Question 3: I also started out using panels and it will work however a lighter hand is required because the panel doesn't flex like a stretched canvas. I
now paint on Stretched canvas because of that reason but it is a good place to start.

Question 4: Bob Ross paints are different from others, however I have found others that are close to it but are a little more expensive. I have used many different types of oil paints to do his style of paintings and it's a learning process with each brand I get.

Bob Ross Master Kit is a good kit. I only started out with cheap brush's and I mean cheap (Menards, Walmart, etc.) I learned a lot by using these brushes though.

Canvas panels worked to get me started!!!!

Palette: Heck I use a old piece of plexiglass works the same.

Easel: This is probably where I wish I would have got one that clamped my piece in. I find if the canvas/panel is bigger then the easel when you paint the edges the canvas/panel wants to flip off the easel, and I end up having to hold it on getting fingerprints on a finished edge ( you can fix the print but it sucks to do it twice).

Looks like it should be a good start for you. I started out using Walmart oil paints and it did work but better quality oil paints works a lot better. Hope you enjoy oil painting and have fun that's what it's all about.

"We don't make mistakes, we make happy accidents" Bob Ross
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