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Gerbera Daisies WIP

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I had a friend request that I do a small painting (8x10) of Gerbera Daisies so she can give it to her best friend. So I started it day before yesterday and here is where I am on it.

Reference Photo -- These are Gerbera Daisies:

Put plan on canvas:

Worked on background and underpainting:
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I bet this one is going to be REALLY pretty Terry.
Well here it is. This one is small and went quickly. I'm not going to show it to the buyer until you guys tell me if it is acceptable or what I should change. I can do this over. It doesn't have to be done for Christmas, I already told her with drying time I couldn't do that.
I think it's very nice.

I would add a little more depth (shadowing) particularly under the flower petals to make the upper layers pop a little more and to differentiate the petals from each other. If you look at the original photo you are using for reference there are different petal layers and the ones underneath have distinct shadowing and each petal can be clearly seen. Right now (in my eyes) the flowers you painted are a little flat.

I really like your color choices with the table and background and vase. I wouldn't change a thing on those. nice!
I will be completely honest, I painted the underpainting dark and put on layers of petals and did my best to leave the dark showing just a little so it looks like shadows. That is how it is done with painting flowers. Putting shadows additional shadows at this point would require redoing the whole painting. So I guess I'm asking is it that bad that I need to redo the painting?
No. It's a fun and whimsical painting. If you say it would require an entire re-paint then no..I would leave it be. It's just my picky attention to detail and another reason why I don't think oil painting is the right fit for
I may do another version of this anyway and let the buyer choose which one she wants. She is only paying $5.99 for it (it is 8x10) so she is not expecting a Rembrandt but I do it for the practice because I'm planning to get good some day and charge more.
Oh Terry I do hope you plan to charge more because this painting is worth more than that!!! wow. She is getting a STEAL! You are underestimating your own worth. Your work surpassed the $5.99 level a long long time ago!
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Very nice Terry. I much prefer the new and improved version in the vase. You did a lovely job with it. I know your friend is going to love it.

I really like how the black background makes your flowers "pop" and the flowers themselves are nicely done, however, the flowers just seem suspended and unfinished. It is as if there needs to be something else..or maybe the stems just need to go all the way to the bottom of the painting.
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