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G'Day to all you artists

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I've been looking for some inspiration, and this forum definitly has it. I've seen so many good Graphite and Charcol Drawings already.

At the moment I am doing a Corrispondance Course in Graphic Design, and at the moment I am trying to get good at the Graphite Drawing. Shading and Lighting for me is a hurdle. I have trouble doing this to a circle to turn it into a ball. I really want to finish this course I just need a push and once I know how I'm fine.

I really love this site already, and I hope to be able to present you poeple with some of my work too.

I'm into photography and have taken some nice shots using only a small hand held digital camera (no DSLR yet), also mucked around with 3DS Max a fair bit to do static model rendering - mostly cars I've owned and wanted to see what it might look like modified.

Anyways, that's a bit of what I do. Looking forward to sharing with you all.

- Travis
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Welcome to the forum, Travis! There is a lot of talent here that's for sure. Looking forward to see some things from you as well. ;)
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