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Hows it goin.

I have been creating graphics in Paintshop Pro, of what I hear you ask? I think my username is a dead give away, if you said trains then your name would be Captain Obvious.:D

I create them in Paintshop Pro and then post them on Facebook. I trace around a locomotive in a photograph, then add grills, panels and the livery. All pretty simple once you know how. I did reskins for Trainz Railroad Simulator so I was always quite familiar with Paintshop Pro. It's impossible to create my graphics without working in Raster layers, I can do all sorts of things to bring my graphics to "life" if you want to call it that.

I will be around, I want to go check out the rest of the forum. I will post some of my work here as well. Look forward to meeting people and seeing the many talents on display as well.

Nice to meet you all.

Here is a link to my Facebook page.!/ColhadsTrainGraphix
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