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Fountain pen

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Here are some studies/doodles I've done with a fountain pen.

Never really used cross hatching properly, but beginning to get used to it!


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The best pens of that type are kinda hard to find and are small... Tips won't fit in the handle you show. I forget the name. The point is fine & has no ball on it. You can go from nothing to 1/16" in a single stroke, changing by pressure.
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Dick, its a matter of several things. Sometimes an outlining line offset by vacant area will suffice. Sometimes an area of lines all parallel will do it. Then you start adding zones of lines which cross each other. Then more lines going different directions. The idea is to lessen the amount of white. You eye "blurs" the lines into areas of varying dark. You can also use areas of dots, called pointilism.
Sample for Dick

Look closely at this sample, a drawing I did 30 or 40 years ago. See how the lines blend into zones of pure dark.
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