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Forum going silent - My observations.

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I don't know if i am right or wrong, but I am a member here for the last 7 months and I have noticed that this forum is surprisingly quiet. There is no interaction and the members are hardly online. There is hardly any learning or exchange of ideas. New members come and go after a few posts, never to return. I am sorry, but it is becoming pointless posting here as I am seeing the purpose of the forum and my purpose too are getting lost.

I hardly found an expert here to discuss anything meaningful. Even during Covid pandemic when people are sitting at home and have time to devote to their artistic pursuits, I have hardly seen any meaningful activity on the forum.

Any ideas?
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I've been on here for a few years and it has always been a rather dead forum. I'm interested only in watercolor painting and it's rare to see a discussion get beyond four or five replies. Typically a post is someone showing their latest work with two or three comments about it.

I've lost interest in painting lately and can't seem to get back any enthusiasm for it. Someday things might change. But this whole forum has not done much to help. And that's one reason why I rarely visit now.
Pardon me for sounding invasive, I am not sure why you stopped your art. Try getting back with small, easy, hassle free paintings. Some things seem daunting but as you move forward with them you realize it was all worth it.
Already tried the simpler paintings a couple of times. I'm just not feeling it. And way too many other things going on that keep me busy.

I figure that maybe when the weather gets cold again I'll give it another try.
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