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Forum going silent - My observations.

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I don't know if i am right or wrong, but I am a member here for the last 7 months and I have noticed that this forum is surprisingly quiet. There is no interaction and the members are hardly online. There is hardly any learning or exchange of ideas. New members come and go after a few posts, never to return. I am sorry, but it is becoming pointless posting here as I am seeing the purpose of the forum and my purpose too are getting lost.

I hardly found an expert here to discuss anything meaningful. Even during Covid pandemic when people are sitting at home and have time to devote to their artistic pursuits, I have hardly seen any meaningful activity on the forum.

Any ideas?
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Not sure.I joined in the winters and since then I hardly interacted with other members. I believe times of such forums are more or less over, with people relying more on the social media, pinterest etc.

Thanks anyway, at-least someone responded.
Fair enough, I am in. Thanks
Hi Nelson,

I hope all is well there.

Irrespective of what happens on this forum, you should get back to painting. Given the turbulent times today, Painting has helped me to stay calm and has helped me with my anxiety issues. If oyu look at my profile you would know more about me. Pardon me for sounding invasive, I am not sure why you stopped your art. Try getting back with small, easy, hassle free paintings. Some things seem daunting but as you move forward with them you realize it was all worth it.

As far this forum goes, I agree with you there. There is hardly any constructive activity on this forum which can help you grow. I am a newbie and I am trying to teach myself. I never joined this forum to merely display my art, as I am no expert. I joined it to meet fellow artists and learn. Do reply if you want to talk.

Hi Nelson

You know better, but as the saying goes you should never let your the problems overshadow your talent. Good Luck
Good bye fellow artists Good Luck, This is my last post.
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