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Hi people! I'm trying to draw a flower, something totally new for me :3

Here is my 1st attempt! (The Quotes are because I didn't like how it resulted, it's a "Flower", not a Flower XD)

I was practicing, it was not my intention that this is the final drawing, so I didn't make the background, and I did not take much care about petals outlines.

I don't know, It doesn't look good, I don't like it!

Any tip, something .-.? I have a lot of trouble with polluting the draw, how can I prevent that?

Hope you don't like it >.< !


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Very nice first try :) Sorry to like it :D
And what do you mean by polluting the draw ? :eek:
Oh yes, yes, send it, it's so sweet and pretty, I would be glad to receive such a gift :D The flower pops right out of the page, it look really good :)
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