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Went fishing the other day..didn't even get a nibble. The weather and moods were terrible. HOWEVER..funny story...before we got there I said I wanted to catch a tiger least see one. We found our spot and were setting up our gear when out of the blue..this fellow swam up to us and STAYED there and watched us for a good 15 minutes. It got closer and closer and closer and watched us the whole time. I am thinking it wanted a little hot I have never ever had a fish do this. It's a mountain lake and they stocked it with tiger muskies because it was being overloaded with junk fish. Tigers are sterile therefore once they are gone the lake can be re-stocked completely with trout (though there are still trout in this lake).

I got my wish and am happy I got good pictures as well!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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