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First Attempt at a Rattlesnake

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This is my first drawing of a rattlesnake. My momma said that I should make the snake thicker but I want to know what you guys think.

It's got the cats eyes, pits for sensing heat, undivided belly scales(That is where I drew just a curved horizontal line), and the rattle. It looks like it is either going to rattle a warning or strike.
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I think you did a very nice job for your first attempt! Please keep at it. I would encourage you to draw both from memory and from images. I think in doing so you will continue to grow and improve as an artist. Being able to draw, and draw well, from memory is an amazingly wonderful skill to have so please keep honing that skill. It doesn't hurt from time to time just to have something to reference as well. I do and find that it helps me quite a bit with proportions and such.

I agree with everybody that you should be proud of this. For a first attempt you have done quite well.
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