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First Attempt at a Rattlesnake

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This is my first drawing of a rattlesnake. My momma said that I should make the snake thicker but I want to know what you guys think.

It's got the cats eyes, pits for sensing heat, undivided belly scales(That is where I drew just a curved horizontal line), and the rattle. It looks like it is either going to rattle a warning or strike.
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I am proud of it. Especially since I didn't look at a picture of a rattlesnake in the same position as I was drawing it, just using my memory of what a rattlesnake looks like when it is about to rattle a warning or strike.

It can be hard to get the slight taper of a snake when it is coiled.

And this drawing has 3 layers. The first one is just my no. 2 pencil with the shape and all the scales. The nostrils, pits, and eyes were also drawn with my no. 2 pencil. The second one is a tan color that I used for the whole snake. The third one is the darker diamonds that I drew on top of the tan color(So I had to press a little harder to get the diamonds to be visible).
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As a beginner you will learn more by using a reference photo.
Yeah like what each subspecies looks like, what rattlesnakes look like in different positions(like slithering towards prey vs striking) etc.

But using my memory works too because I have a great long term memory and so I remember the basics of what a rattlesnake looks like in the strike position(Since that is the most common position I have seen rattlesnakes in and probably the most common position for a rattlesnake)

What I remember is something like this:

"Basic snake coiled up but with triangular head, pits, cats eyes, undivided belly scales, and of course a rattle at the end of its tail"

And then I remember that most rattlesnakes are tan colored with some darker diamonds or spots.
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