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Hello fellow artists, I hope you are feeling inspired today.
I saw admins / mods added category for reviews and thought that I will share "my precious" with you.
I didn't know how does a graphite behaves in an aquarelle form, but, I thought, if I don't dissolve it much, I will have better intensity, so I tried it, and trust me when I tell you that when you have a high concentration of 4B it is better than 9B of some regular brands...

I have set of 5 (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B) which covers all my needs for now.
The truth is, I am not using them unless I work on something important.

However, I don't use them in classical way, I dip the tip of pen in very thin layer of water and I use it as that to get best intensity.

Did any of you used this product? What are your opinions?

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Actually they are not watercolor they are watergraphite :p try to dip the tip in water and then use them. ;)
Yes.. I understand Bro.. That's how I use the watercolor pencils as well.. Sometimes dry.. then wet the picture.. sometimes wet them with water and use them.. I have done both with great results :)

As for them being water graphite.. I'm not sure what watercolor pencils are.. they surely aren't purely watercolor paint dried.. they are too strong for that.. Probably some wax in them.. but that would counteract the water.. I just don't know.. but these pencils are almost identical to the ones I have been using :)
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