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Hi all! Has anyone tried either a store-bought enviro-friendly glue or has made their own? I'm confused if Elmer's glue is either good or bad for the environment, so any opinions on that is welcome, too!

I'm working with construction paper and cotton fabric, primarily, to make artificial plants for a large scale project. Fabric seems a bit easier because I can make a cornstarch based stiffener, but I still need some heavier glues to attach the pieces to branches and to themselves in some cases. I also need something that will add a little gloss to both the fabric and paper.

For my first attempt I used some old lilac branches, paper, Mod Podge, acrylic paint and hot glue, following this tutorial:

I was happy with the way my test branches came out, but not happy with the fact that if I were to throw them away the materials would not be so easily broken down. I'm a newbie when it comes to environmentally friendly art, so I would love to read any and all advice.
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