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Ducks, dogs, dining tables, and destruction - atelier style! I saw it about eight or ten years ago. (Verbal description, alas.)

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It's a recent example of the "atelier movement" style of hyper-realistic oil painting, and somewhat quoting late baroque or early 18th-century style.

A bunch of large dogs are swarming over and destroying a fancy dining table, their goal to chase and eat half a dozen ducks (or were they geese?) who are desperately flying upwards and away.

They've caught several and are tearing them to bits, blood and feathers everywhere, but one at the very top of the picture is about to fly out of frame with a dog's jaws snapping shut right beneath it.

It's a pyramid composition, dogs and birds all stacked up with lots of Reubens-ish painterly violence. I think it was mostly white, brown, and red, but my memory tends to change colors on me.

The combo of humor and horror turned a bunch of people off - but I wasn't one of them.

Obviously I'd love to post an image but I can't find the damned thing. :/
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