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Drawing a cabin

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I've done a few houses in pictures and my biggest problem has always been to get the angel of the walls and roof the way they look in the reference photo. Usually after much erasing I get it close but I'm looking for the easiest way to do it. I was thinking of trying a compass. Need to buy one today. Any one have advice on this subject?
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I get the idea of perspective but that tutorial is messed up. I messaged the back line of the roof going down on the undetailed picture and the detailed picture and they are not the same angel or the same length of line in the back. The undetailed is much shorter and the angel is such that it makes the slant more pronounced and it looks distorted to me. Where as measuring the detailed one it is has better perspective.

Explanation of the measurements on the bottom of the tutorial will be very helpful to me and I thank you so much for researching this.
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