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hello, i'm Sean McDonald director and lead writer for Glassy studios a group of talented artists and writers, but more importantly a group of friends working together hard. on what? you may ask, well that's simple on comics! we are currently producing 1 comic have 2 in planning, and many more planned for the future! but that's where you talented artists come in! we have 2-3 open spots for artists right now to work on the newly planned comics and we're taking submissions now for these spots as lead artists on these comic projects, now i wont pretend we are bigger than we are. we are very new and have much to learn but we need talented individuals to helps us get there! we are a very close group and love introducing new peoples and we are always so friendly. if any of this sounds like something you enjoy please don't hesitate to email me at: [email protected] , and email me with any questions about the comics or about us. i'll be waiting to hear from all you talented artist. and thank you for you time

sincerely, Glassy Studio
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