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Daily Chat - September 8, 2015

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This is suppose to be the last day of this current heat wave. I hope that's right, I'm ready for a break in the weather, as we all are.

I've made the decision to not consider a painting done until I have given it a final wash of color for shading or to enhance the colors. Going back a week or two after finishing a picture and giving it that last little touch that it needs can make a ho-hum painting good. Yesterday I did it to the Lilacs in a Vase picture. Today I'm going to do it to my Geranium plant picture.

I'm going to be mowing today and some house chores and a little painting. Since I got up this morning at 4am, I think I will take a nap too.

Hope everyone has a great day and shares it with all of us.
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Worked the weekend, it was the last "big" weekend of the summer. Now the water park is closed and our log flume ride had its last day, they are tearing it down and putting in a new roller-coaster, "The Monster."

Have tried several ideas for a background on the giraffe picture, so far not happy with any of them. Oh well,.....I will keep trying.

Somehow I cannot picture you at rest Chanda, kind of surprised you know how to spell it!:vs_smirk:

Totally a good idea to step back from a piece for a while and then go back. I am learning that myself. Something I am disappointed with in the beginning seems to look better when I check on it later. Or something I may have missed will present itself.

This is our first nice day, so happy the heat is gone! Yay!!!:vs_box::vs_bananasplit::wings::rayof:
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