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Daily Chat - September 29, 2015

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What Happened to September....I can't believe it is almost over. I feel like I missed it completely.

The weather here is gorgeous!

I'm getting back into routine. Wash is caught up, chores and errands caught up. Now I feel like I'm home again.

4 of the 7 pictures that I sold at the flea market were of Ocean Waves, now I'm all out of ocean pictures. In my opinion they are the easiest and most fun pictures to paint so I decide to do some more Ocean Wave pictures. I started two last night. Both are 11 x 14inches. I have to wait for the rocks to dry before continuing. So I guess I'll start another picture while I'm waiting. All I have left in my canvas supply is a large one 18x20inches (46x51cm) and a small 8x10inches (20x25cm). I'm trying to decided if I want to do flowers or more oceans scenes or something else and on which canvas. I have too many ideas in my head and having trouble picking one.

Hope everyone has a great day and please share it.
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BOOM, Susan got it! >.<

Not a good day for me, I got a cold yesterday D: That means... no training, hurt in my knees and hands... getting dizzy... I guess I have fever (Ehmm, when your body temperature goes higher than normal values, don't know how you call it) ... I hate colds -.-
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