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Daily Chat - September 21, 2015

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Hi hi people! Happy Spring day! And happy students day too!
Oh, wait... maybe it's only spring in south america... and Students day in Argentina... well... forget about it (? Happy Monday? XD

As Terry is in her haunted trip (?) I would like to start the Daily Chat thread.

Hmmm mi dia creo que va a ser poco... why am I writing in spanish? Let's start again.
Hmmm my day, I think it will be a non-artistic day. But, I have a recent image to share from a famous artist in argentina.

So, here it is:

Dialog translation:

We are made for one another / We are one for each other

Our Spring day it's not that beautiful, it's really cloudy, seems like it's going to rain >.<

Have a nice day!

PS: Thanks Melody for your kinds words :) You're right, Hakuna Matata :wink:
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Yes.. Here in the Northern hemisphere.. it's actually the first day of Fall.. LOL! But Happy Spring to you Franki.

PS - Isn't this supposed to be in the "Off Topic" forum?
I moved it to off topic.

I am sooooooo ready for fall weather to show up in Texas. :biggrin:
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