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Daily Chat - September 19 - 2015

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It's 2 in the morning here. I'm in a sort of competition, kinda like a game jam where you have to solve a certain assignment in a time span of 48 hours and basically I'm running on sugar and food colorings right now.
This is why I avoid lack of sleep. And too much soda. Seriously. I'm awake as all hell. Completely hyper. Yep.
Some kid claimed the wall was his best friend, just now. I think he may even be further gone than I am.

Oh- I think it's starting to wear off. Welp, onto the crash : DDD

I swear to God, I'm pretty much thinking in caps lock right now.

Anyways, how're you guys doing?
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Well, we didn't win (though we kinda knew that form the start, as most teams had professionals with them and we sat there with five students), but it was a great experience nonetheless.

As for critiquing; I personally don't really feel the need for an extra section for that. If people see ways I can improve my stuff, I don't mind them telling me about in the general thread. At school we tend to be almost blunt in this sort of thing, so I don't take offense to criticism easily.

Perhaps it would be an idea to ask people to include in the threads they make for their stuff wether or not they want criticism? I can understand someone not wanting to get a whole lot of critique on some rough sketches that they just felt like posting, but maybe one would want feedback on something they just can't seem to get right.

I also think that if we all keep it civil and constructive, it won't get all that argumentative. Feelings getting hurt usually happens when someone seems to have forgotten that there's another human being on the other end of the screen and this is not the type of site to attract rude people.
However, I do like the idea of a form to fill in. I could include things like composition, color, anatomy, etc (if something isn't applicable to a certain piece it wouldn't need to be filled in of course).
Maybe forms for different types of art?

@Susan; very sorry to hear about the dog :c But I'm very glad these treatments are working
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