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Daily Chat - September 19 - 2015

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It's 2 in the morning here. I'm in a sort of competition, kinda like a game jam where you have to solve a certain assignment in a time span of 48 hours and basically I'm running on sugar and food colorings right now.
This is why I avoid lack of sleep. And too much soda. Seriously. I'm awake as all hell. Completely hyper. Yep.
Some kid claimed the wall was his best friend, just now. I think he may even be further gone than I am.

Oh- I think it's starting to wear off. Welp, onto the crash : DDD

I swear to God, I'm pretty much thinking in caps lock right now.

Anyways, how're you guys doing?
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Got back from Davenport last night. It was a hard trip. We took Patty to her chemo and radiation treatments each day. Her old dog was sick and made a mess (quite literally) of her carpets and she has been too weak to keep up with it so we rented a steam cleaner and cleaned her carpets and I had to clean the dog because he was also a mess. I was trying to talk her into letting us take the dog to the vet but she knew they would want to put him down so she would change the subject and I did not want to push. The one piece of good news is it seems the treatments are working! When we brought her home after her treatment yesterday, the dog was dead! :fpalm: I am just glad we could be there for her.

Had my best night of sleep last night because I was in my own bed!

Have fun on your trip Terry!

Hope the house hunting gets easier Leigh Ann.

How did it go with the competition Inge?

Can't wait to see your next project Chanda.

Be blessed everyone! :vs-kiss:
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