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Daily Chat - September 15, 2015

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Good Morning folks.

I have my grandson today so no painting until he goes home. That will be around 4 (I think). He is my youngest grandchild. 2 years old.

Hope everyone has a great day and keeps us updated on what you are doing.
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My gorgeous grandson. Wonder why people think he's a girl?


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Not a good year for her, susan .-.

Hi people! I've been drawing a little today, will post it later! ^^

Hmmm my day is... bah (? Will hang out with a friend in a couple of minutes I guess, don't really know.

Terry, what did you answer? >.<

Enjoy the rest of the day!
?? What was the question?
Hey everybodeh! new comic on your way! :D everything was just normal for today..fixed my resume 'cause my dad wants me to give him a copy of it...He wants me to apply where he's working but maybe the type of work in an office..well, I prefer that actually... ~ u ~

Terry, I think FanKi mentioned the part where you said "why people think he's (your grandson) a girl?" so he's asking what did you say to those people? maybe it's because of his long first I also thought the baby in the pict.was a girl but you said "your grandson" so yeah maybe because of the long hair..^^"...
Oh OK... that was suppose to be a rhetorical funny question...Of course it's his's beautiful and half way down his back.
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We just say "He's a boy" whenever it comes up.
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