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Daily Chat - November 8, 2015

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Good morning everyone. We have been pretty lax lately putting up the Daily Chat thread....shame on us.

So what is everybody doing today?

I just finished up some Christmas shopping from my bed in my pajamas. You have got to love the internet! I so hate the crowded stores at Christmas time. :vs_karate:

I have three works in process right now. Two winter scenes... and an Iris.

The sun is bright today. I will probably take some photos of the paintings I photographed inside and replace the ones in my album and on FB.

The weather here has gotten cool but still pretty comfortable if you bundle up. 40's F at night and 60's F in the day. (7 C - 14.5 C)

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and shares it with all of us.
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Hello everyone!

I have been remiss on my visits, but I really haven't been doing any drawing. Started catching up on new works and "faces" around here.
"Hello!" new people! :welcome:

We are now in Palacios, Texas for the winter. Our Temps have been a very muggy 80s but this week looks drier and in the 70s, yay!

I am blessed enough to be working a job where I have time to draw. :biggrin: so I plan on getting a lot of practice.

Seems a bit quiet around here but the traffic comes and goes.....

Be blessed everyone! :vs-kiss:
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Congratulations on the win FanKi! How exciting! I also think classes would be great if that's what you want/need. Everyone is different and we need to find/do what works for us.

Can't wait for Christmas! Our weather should be just right .

I am also curious Asancta, to where?
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