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Daily Chat - Nov 13, 2015

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Oh's Friday the 13th again. Is anyone here superstitious? My brain says I'm not but the rest of my body is saying 'be careful today'.

So it's 3:37 in the morning and my phone puts out an alert sound. What?! I woke up with a start. The alert said 'chance of frost'. For this I got woken up? Now I have not been able to get back to sleep so I'm not trying any longer. Grrrrrrr. I figured out how to turn off the weather alarms so this doesn't happen again.

Believe it or not I started wrapping Christmas presents yesterday. :vs_smirk: I don't like waiting for the last minute.:wink:

As far as my art life goes, I started a new painting last night. I only have the background done so far. After this one is done I'm going to stop painting pictures to sell for awhile and concentrate on making big ones for my house. :biggrin:

Hope everyone has a really fun day and be sure to share it with all of us.
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Hi everyone.. oh glob.. TGIF ~-~ pooped out... wait... it's Friday the 13th?! so that's why there were some bad weird things happened awhile ago with my co-workers... I think I was the black kitty >;)
oh wow.. y'all doing some gift wrapping.. . I dont even know whom shall I give some gifts this Christmas 'cause I' ll be doing some shipping for sure..
It's really windy here today.. This morning, it's like the wind is stopping me in going to my workplace.. lol
be doing some comic or any draw stuff for today..(wow I still have some energy) I don't want my subscribers (in Tapastic) to wait that long.. :p
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