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Good morning all!

I hope Terry is having a ton of fun. Things are a little quiet around here without her and her daily art updates. I am going to work on my drawing today. Very excited about that. Art is good for the soul and I know when I don't do it I get's absolutely my stress relief always has been.

Seeing some new artwork by leighann and adonin! Great job! Everybody should check out Oana's new work as well, it's absolutely beautiful.

Have a great day all! I am headed to REST..;) Too much REAL work going at home.

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Uh, oh! Look out! :)
Nahhh.. I'm just a softy Susan.. But I am glad to be able to help out here where I can.. If anyone needs anything just let me (Or Chanda or Terry) know.. We are glad to help you

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