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Daily Chat - March 5, 2015

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It's FINALLY a nice day in my world. I was going to work on my newest drawing today but I have to get hay at lunch so that's gonna screw my day up. Maybe tonight.

Not sure I am going to get my camera charger this weekend so I just said to heck with it and I ordered another charger. Soccer season starts up next week and I would like to have the camera up and running for his first game.

Hope you all have a great day!
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Hey Liz! Yes we have a family ranch in the center of the state and we currently live on a small property until we can get out there permanently. I was raised on horse farm. My mom had a livestock business so I was never not around animals. Living in the country is nice and I honestly wouldn't ever want to live anywhere else..but it is a challenge at times!
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Liz he is beautiful.

I too live on a small farm (35 acres). I moved here from NYC in 1990. Ever see the sitcom 'Green Acres' -- well it's the story of my life.
That had to have been a huge adjustment! I have a friend who visited NYC for her nieces class trip. She said it was an amazing city. Our largest city in the state only has 550,000 people. The entire county I live in only has 25,000 people. I would be a fish out of water in NYC. Always have been interested in it though. Not enough to live there..I just love learning about it.
Hay? You live on a farm? Oh I have daydreams of living on a farm.

I finished my male cardinal, I think my female cardinal turned out better.

This is a wonderful painting!!
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