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I've been feeling kind of blue lately, and with such a lack of inspiration... :( Since spring is coming, though, I am going to try and get my ming off of things by making drawing studies of bugs and especially bees. I want to start keeping a small sketchbook on me again, but I don't really have any that would be too suitable or comfortable to walk around with because of the size. I have a watercolor one that I haven't started yet, though... I'm also waiting for my gold watercolors to arrive, I decided to give those Pearlcolors by Coliro a go.

Also, I miss my cats and I won't be seeing them until summer :(

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Apparently this is my cats opinion of me for sending him out to the balcony cuz he kept jumping on my keyboard.

Cat Eye Carnivore Felidae Wood

I'm trying to work and he types even worse than I do! :devil:

P.S. He isn't locked out there. The sliding glass door is wide open. He is likely just plotting his revenge.
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