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Daily Chat - March 20 2015

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Wow I got some really harsh criticism on my latest picture of Jayna from a couple of my friends on Facebook. Helpful criticism I can handle and appreciate, harsh unhelpful criticism -- ouch that hurts.

I've been having a hard time this last week -- it's a little too off topic to get into. I do think that hard times show up in everything we do.

Still painting relaxes me and makes me happy so I'm trying to just accept that not every picture will be an improvement over the last and that's just life.
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So sorry. I have recieved harsh criticism on my work as well at times and yes it does hurt..especially when you put so much of yourself into it. And no..sad to say..not every picture will be an improvement. There are times you will backslide. I have done that..I think we all have. Good or bad you pick yourself up by the bootstraps and keep plugging along. Set it aside..come back to it later and look at it objectively...give yourself some time to absorb the comments you have been given then go back and pick through what has been said that might provide insight into areas you need to work on and try again armed with that new information.

I do think that maybe taking a break and trying something like flowers or scenery or something that doesn't require you to be so nitpicky and spot on with things will help bring back some of your joy of painting and art..and give you new skills as well.

Don't beat yourself up and don't let others beat you down. Keep at it!
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