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Daily Chat - March 20 2015

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Wow I got some really harsh criticism on my latest picture of Jayna from a couple of my friends on Facebook. Helpful criticism I can handle and appreciate, harsh unhelpful criticism -- ouch that hurts.

I've been having a hard time this last week -- it's a little too off topic to get into. I do think that hard times show up in everything we do.

Still painting relaxes me and makes me happy so I'm trying to just accept that not every picture will be an improvement over the last and that's just life.
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Sorry to hear that people are being unhelpful with their comments Terry.
Please don't let your head drop, keep your chin up, show these people what can be achieved with time, patience and perseverance.
Take a well deserved painting break, have fun with the grandchildren, come back refreshed and ready to take another step forward. :)
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