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Hi all.

Today I work on my logo design. I need to get started on the other drawing as well.

What are your plans for the day?


David...the dragon is adorable.

Terry...Don't worry about the varying shades of the glass. I have dark blue glass and light blue glass in my kitchen window and as you say..the contrast works really well.

Susan..NICE WORK!! You should be really proud of this one. Don't forget to put a description in your uploaded work though because when I click on the image link it won't let me see the picture. Just a matter of going back in and editing your picture to add a description.

Unforgiven..that is one moody piece but very well done. I like the contrast you have going on and the depth of your values.

Well I guess I need to get off and get another cup of coffee.

Have a great day!

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Wow.. You sound too cheery and alert for it to only be 11 AM.. ROTFLOL! Glad I got the dragon out of the way.. now it's on to some landscapes (my favorite watercolor subject). Hope all is well with all of our neighbors in the flood zone.. Calling for 6" here over the next 2 days....Stay high and Safe!

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