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Daily Chat - June 16, 2015

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Well I decided that revamping of that acrylic picture I was working on was not worth doing. I wasted a lot of oil paint on it (which is not cheap) and I don't seem to be improving it at all so it is now in the dumpster. I'm OK with that...I have no qualms about things like this because even with the disasters I learn something that doesn't work. I do plan to do some more revamping of older pictures that I'm not crazy about. I decided I either have to feel good about showing the picture or it's in the dumpster.

The other picture I'm working on is the bottles. Going to do a WIP on it but there isn't much to show yet. I'm waiting for the background to dry.

Kids will be coming over to swim in a couple of hours so I might get to work on the bottles tonight after they are gone.
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Terry, I see the children are following in Grandma's footsteps. They are adorable! :)

Leighann, good luck with the new venture.

Finished my eagle today,... I think,.... if anyone has any pointers I would love to hear them.

Hope everyone has a great night and a better tomorrow!
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