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Daily Chat - July 30

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Hi all!

We are gonna float away here! Rain..rain...rain...rain. The streets are flooding in posted a picture of somebody in town using a I am not flooded out here but of course it has been raining all night and still dark out side so I don't have a clue what it looks like.

I did get asked to do another drawing by a friend of mine. Did I tell you that? Her little boy has cerebral palsy and he is about Christopher's age. She has been holding off on asking me to draw a picture until she got good pictures. She has them now so I will do it. She asked me how much and I said I don't charge for friends and family. So I have the one I am working on plus two more. I better pick up the pace!

I am headed to work..:(...if I could just figure out a way to pay these bills without having to do that whole "work" thing it would be awesome. I am discovering that as I get older my tolerance level has really really dropped. I tend to say what I think as well and apparently my emotions are all over my face..well..If I like you I like you. Why do I want to hide that I don't like you? Guess it keeps me honest.

Have a great day..lets get a little artistic today shall we?
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Aaaaand is raining here! u.u The weather is so wet! (?
Ahgg I hate it!

Chanda, being honest is maybe the best thing in life >.< Always being respectful, but honest :p

I'm glad you are ok Terry, well, maybe some things but nothing really serius ^_^

Melody! I think I don't know you, but hi! I missed you so much xD Welcome back!
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