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Daily chat Jan 28, 2016

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I've had my studio ready for painting for a few days now and I haven't had the energy or time to use it. I feel like I've recovered from all upgrades I made in my home. Maybe tonight!

If I do, it will be paint splashing fun, nothing to serious. I have no idea what I want to paint.:vs_worry: It won't matter.:biggrin:

What's everybody else up to?
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Good morning Dick...and everyone else.

The flea market I'm in is moving to a new building. It's a really nice building. I get along really well with the owner of the Flea Market and she is letting me rent a really great area in the new building for the same cost I now pay. My paintings will be on the left wall just as you come into the building. WOW! I'm really excited about that. I took down my ebay ads because I find that the Flea Market does a lot better than ebay and it's kind of a pain to have to mail the paintings. Also because if I have the paintings on ebay I can't have them at the flea market and I'm running low on paintings. :vs_karate: Never thought that would happen. When I get the new display put up I'll post a picture of it. :laugh:

So today I'll probably paint....who am I kidding saying 'probably'....of course I'll be painting today. It's kind of like saying today I'll probably breath. :vs_smirk:
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For about a year I never intended to sell anything. But art supplies are expensive and it doesn't hurt to mitigate the costs if possible, so that's what I do. I have yet to break even any given month and forget making a profit.

Plus I think you are right about our culture. In this country we tend to be very capitalistic and it's kind of second nature to attempt to make money on something you love to do. Being in business for oneself is very rewarding (and I'm not meaning financially). Beside Victoria I've heard you said you plan to make a living on your art, so maybe you are getting acclimated to our culture?
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