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Daily Chat - December 27, 2015

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Hi all!

I am at work and it is a sloooooow day! The weather here is hot muggy and extremely windy. We have a threat of severe storms and sad to say, people lost their lives in a tornado in Dallas this morning.

I sold "Three's Company" today! I matted it and put it in a frame I purchased at a thrift store. Sold it for $15.00. My boss says I could have gotten more, we'll see.

How did everyone fair through the Christmas season? Mine was fantastic!

Have a blessed day yall! :vs-kiss:
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@SusanMulno It's such a crazy weather this year!!!Fires in one part,floods in another,tornadoes...gutenu...
LOL Terry :p I rememebr a couple of months ago wanted to sign in on a site from...guess was China?or some country in EU? and gave up basically because everyone was selling very cheap...veeery cheap.Works were not good not bad but very cheap...I even wanted to tell them that they are ruining the market lol.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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