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Daily Chat - December 27, 2015

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Hi all!

I am at work and it is a sloooooow day! The weather here is hot muggy and extremely windy. We have a threat of severe storms and sad to say, people lost their lives in a tornado in Dallas this morning.

I sold "Three's Company" today! I matted it and put it in a frame I purchased at a thrift store. Sold it for $15.00. My boss says I could have gotten more, we'll see.

How did everyone fair through the Christmas season? Mine was fantastic!

Have a blessed day yall! :vs-kiss:
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Congratulations on the sale Susan. I think you suffer from the Terry Syndrome and underprice your work.

The weather is unbelievable. It was in the 70's yesterday here and today it's stormy and windy and in the 50's but it feels a lot colder.

Christmas has been exhausting for me and it hasn't ended yet. My granddaughter is going home on Wednesday, things will calm down then. I'm having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to paint.
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