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Daily chat -December 10, 2015

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Good Morning folks.

I hope everyone has a great day today and shares it with all of us.

The high today here is suppose to be 67f (19.4c). Yay. John and Jim (husband and son) are going to be installing a new window in my room.

Today I'm planning to open a bank account just for my painting hobby. I need it because I'm going to set up a Pay Pal account to accept money that way and then I'm going to put some of my work on Etsy. This is all part of the fun. Don't get the idea I'm making much money because I'm not and I am taking a big loss on this hobby, but I'm enjoying myself immensely and that's what I want from life. It's all a game. :laugh:

I'm also thinking about creating a web site, but I haven't decided on that one yet. I've done web sites before but not for my paintings. I'm planning to check out the web sites of our members for ideas.
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Yea @TerryCurley you better set up your shipping policies and payment policies or you'll get a lot of scams believe me...or just jer** that like to fool around.I like that you sell them "overpriced" nothing worse than an artist that sells very cheap and ruins the market.When I used to sell in mercati there were ppl that came to me to negociate and the most insulting argument was" yea but look over there, X sells his paintings for 5 euros and I like better his art" grrrr -"well then go and buy it from there for 5 euros".
Oh no @TerryCurley this is not mine...was just an example from another artist and if you look up the major sellers on Etsy they all have more or less the same policy.My policy is that I always use Paypal,I use USPS, I refund only if the customer shows me damage(no "I don't like it anymore" type of bs) and I ship only inside US,Canada and very few European countries....and I still get scams.About a week ago someone from ehem(don't tell the country) contacted me saying that they like my X Y Z artworks and if I could send them,pay the shipping and they will send me a check.When I told them I use only paypal and they should pay up front and if they want shipped fast then they should pay for it...never heard from them anymore.
Well you have 3 are just at the start.See how it goes first,if you sell anything and if it works set up your terms.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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