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Daily Chat - August 26

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How are you all doing today?

HI to all new members! Great work you are sharing!

Today is cool and cloudy. A gloomy day to stay inside and draw but alas it is not to be. I have some errands to do at lunch and tonight my kid has an activity to today! boo.

Hope you are all having a great day so far!
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Hi you all!

I'm doing good, will be training the next hours, and maybe drawing something (Just one "No looking" draw and I finish this stage at the book I'm following :p )

Went to the psycologist today. (I always need google to write that word, I can't remember it's spelling xD) We were talking about My dreams (She made me wrote what I've been dreaming last nights), she discovered something about my self with them, but she didn't tell me anything about! She only said "Oh yes! That's the problem here! But I can't tell you now" and I was like :surprise: :vs_worry: :vs_worry: :surprise: PLEAAAAASE! XD

Cricket VS said:
Oh my gosh, this day totally kicked my butt.
Why you say that Cricket? o_O?
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