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Hello, my name is Rui Oliveira and I'm a 22yr old Creative person, currently unemployed, seeking some Exposure.
I'm New in This Forum aswell as on Youtube. I'm here to Ask for Suggestions, Your Opinion, or Just to know if you like It )=D
Please watch the trailer so you get an Idea on Some of the Creative Areas I've currently worked with/on:

Show me/us Your Channel if you Have one =)

I'm aiming at integrating the community of artists, art lovers and students on the internet again (I used to be somehow very active in some foruns/websites but I progressively disappeared because work didn't leave me with much free time) I'm actively uploading and showing my art & creations again, more than ever.

Leave some feedback, and subscribe if you want to support me and see more creations =) Hope you enjoy and.. Create More, everyone! =D
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