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I am working as an art teacher in Chennai. Once when I was playing
carrom with the children, a spark ignited my soul on this concept which
inspired me to create this piece of art. During the carrom session, that I
suddenly saw the movements of all of life being danced by the coins on the
carrom board. The image had a strong magnetic pull that would barely let
me sleep till I started working on it.
The cosmic dance of Shiva, the rhythm of creation, preservation and
destruction, unifies ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics.
Atoms are the tiniest particles which constitute the base for everything in
this Universe. The properties of the protons carrying positive charge,
neutrons carrying neutral charge, and electrons carrying negative charge
can be compared with the trinity of creation, sustenance and destruction as
The coins appeared to me as the atoms of the universe and the
Nataraja emerged us the perfect form to be chiseled on the board. I
pictured the carom board as the Universe comprising all the positivity and
negativity of life. Hence I wished to build the Carrom board and the coins to
be my signature of art. And I also know for sure that it’s a novel material to
construct this unique


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