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Hi Guys,
Hope you help please 🙂

I wonder if any of you could offer some advice and assistance please ?
I have a small collection of mixed media work which i am thinking of submitting to a number of publishers :

1. Whitewall Galleries / de Montfort Fine Art
2. Washington Green / Castle Galleries
3. Artko
4. Buckingham Fine Art

It is a style i have been perfecting during college, and for the last few years.
I draw inspiration from a number of artists, but i believe my style is my own.
Lots of people I work with have commented on my style and say it is saleable.

Without wanting to be taken advantage of, i am thinking of approaching the 4 publishers above, with the view to selling my originals and also rights to re-produce my work as prints or editions.

I have had 8 months working on my art since being furloughed due to Covid19.
During this time, i believe i have honed my skill, and have a style and a number of designs that are quite unique.

I have never approached publishers before, and i dont want to taken advantage of, or seem wet behind the ears !

I also want to be realistic in what i could achieve in terms of commission etc ?

I'd really love some insight in the type of commission i could hope to achieve by a publisher such as those above, who would produce my work.

I want to be realistic, not appear greedy, but i would also want an idea of what my position would be as an independent artist, and how much commission i could expect from a publisher, and if there would be any guaranteed payment ? or up-front payment ?

Apologies for babbling 🙂
I just want to prepare my portfolio to submit

Thanks in advance, for anyone who can shed some light on what i might expect, and anything to look out for, or be careful of, in advance of laying my stall out in front of publishers

Look forward to hearing back

Leyla x
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