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Color Mixing Fails

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This must seem like a hopelessly lame question, but I feel compelled to ask it anyway, I have tried to attach of photo of some tulips, but so far, I haven't seen any sign that it is truly attached.

Anyway... I've been trying to match the sort of orange sherbet color of the orangey tulip, and I just can't get anything close. I've tried various combinations of these colors (all W+N, Holbein, or Daler-Rowney artists colors)... warm orange; permanent rose; alizarin crimson; cadmium red light; indian yellow; naples yellow; jaune brilliant; winsor lemon.

If you have any suggestions for other colors I might try, or especially what combinations might work the best, I'd really appreciate it.

My thanks in advance.


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Many thanks for the input. What other colors do you currently like using, besides the ones you mentioned?
Once again, many thanks.

I have heard of both Daniel Smith and the quinacridone colors, but I have never used either. I read a watercolor book not too long ago written by an artist who was using the quinacridone colors, and her paintings were really breathtaking. I had attributed that more to the talent of the artist than to the paints, but my research suggests that the paints do make a big difference. Thanks for the suggestions... I will be adding some Daniel Smith colors, including some quinacridones, to my palette in the very near future. I hope that I enjoy the same success with them that you have.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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