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Color advice please

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Hello all, this is my first post and I already have a question. :)
I'm originally a sign painter and have done murals and illustrations on signs (oil based paints)but here I am with my first (sort of)serious acrylic painting and I don't know how to achieve a certain colour...Could some of you kindly have a look at this painting by William Turner?
My hubby loves this painting so I'm planning at painting my version to surprise him but I seem to be stuck with the blue in the sky and mountain. It looks like an almost pure ultramarin in places but that is color is way to intense to use. When I tone it down I get away from the original too much. Kind of looks like the painter has gone over it with an almost transparent layer of white? Is there a transparency agent for acrylics or is hat not necessary? How would you as an artist tackle this? Sorry if these appear to be stupid questions and thank you for being patient.
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That painting looks like oils but I would create similar by painting the background with the two basic darker colors then when dry dirty white water washes over the top and as that is drying scraping with a coarse hog bristle to achieve the scratching effect. I do a lot of scrubbing of colors for certain blends.
I'm a retired Signwriter too and it's only over the last 18mths or so that I've been using acrylics. Keep at it and experiment, I still learning with each painting.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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