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Charcoal drawing photography advice

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How can i take a picture of my charcoal drawings? I tried with my phone, but they come brownish, as you can see here

keep in mind that i don't have any camera, just my phone (which is a Samsung SIII, and my family's callular phones).
Do i have to buy a camera or maybe a good phone camera would be enough?
Maybe i can download some app to take pictures and put the right effect?
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I use GIMP, which is an open source, free graphical editor that runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux (my operating system of choice).

I photograph my own ink stuff, and here's how I edit them:

(1) crop to paper edges only.
(2) colorify to grayscale, removing all color.
(3) use the automatic white balance adjustor
(4) bump up the contrast until the white paper looks white.
(5) use free select to select areas that might still appear unnaturally gray.
(6) bump up the contrast a bit more, but not so much that your ink marks begin to disappear.

I'll download one of your pics, adjust it, and upload to see if you like what my method can do.


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