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As with anything, it depends on how you do it. High-end photographers can make quite a bit if they're lucky, good, and have connections. But for most photographers it is a grind of weddings, senior portraits, and family photos. These can pay the bills, but you have to be constantly marketing yourself to do it. The problem is that these days everyone with an iPhone and Instagram thinks they don't need a photographer. I've had people ask me why I was charging so much for a wedding when everyone there was going to have iPhones. *facepalm*

Photography was my secondary source of income for years, until I got bored with doing the same shots over and over and over. Since then I've done more artistic stuff, but that can be tough to sell. You can see some of it here. But photography tends to follow the same rule as painting: If it's of something personal to the person buying it, you can make money. If it's creative, artistic stuff it's harder to find a customer base - even if they love it.

As with all dreams, don't give up on it if you love it. But before quitting your job test out your customer base. Do the kind of photography you want to do, and see if there is a market for it where you live.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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