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Care of Brushes

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Anyone want to share how you care for you brushes. I was (notice past tense) using mineral spirits first to clean them then putting them in soapy water and rinsing them, shaping them while driving. I can't tell you how many brushes got stiff on me with this method!

Now I use mineral spirts to clean them and then put a conditioner on them(it's called pink soap) and then shape them and put them away. They are now staying soft for me and I'm loving it.

Just something I wanted to share.
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Are your brushes natural fibers, or synthetic?
I have some of each.
Two in one shampoo? Is that like shampoo with conditioner in it. The same you use for your hair?
That's good to know. It is probably less expensive than the Pink Soap I'm purchasing at Hobby Lobby. I'm going to give it a try.
WOW I didn't think anything cost under a dollar any more. The Pink Soap at Hobby Lobby was $5.99 for a small bottle.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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