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Canvas painting for my boyfriend?

Hi all,
I’m planning to give a gift to my boyfriend. I met him when I was doing my schooling at Wolverhampton. We had become best friends after few months, but my dad got promotion and we had to migrate to Canada. I didn’t see him after that. But that’s when I realised that I really like him. Hence, we were in touch through social medias and never broke our friendship. I’m not sure whether he like me too that way, but I really do and I’m planning to propose him and give him a wonderful gift that he would never expects.

He is coming to Toronto this February and he loves painting and dogs very much. So I’ve decided to buy an oil painting canvas that I recently found in an exhibition at Roberts gallery. The dog in this painting, so much looks like his pet dog “Archie” ( Here’s a link to the painting. Please let me know whether this would be a perfect gift for him or not.
Thanks in advance.
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