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Can you really consider this art?

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Hey everyone,

I recently came across this:

Do you really think this can be classified and considered as art? The photographer considers herself an artist, but to me it just It's like a gimmick...the main point she makes in her photos feels like "look at me, I'm attractive and naked". Without that, there's nothing to the photos.

What I think? Not art. Curious to hear what you all think about this.
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Art is subjective...I may not think something is art while another person does.

Erica Simone is highly artistic and can take incredible photos..these are NOT some of those. I think she did herself a great disservice by doing this set of photographs. If you look on her web-site she explains why she did the nude photos in New York. It is under "Artist Statement". Regardless of her reasoning, I still honestly feel these pictures take away from the work she has done and is capable of doing. That is just a personal preference though and there are many out there who would disagree with me.

Here is a link to her web-site for reference. I encourage you to cruise around it if you haven't. She is a talented photographer overall.
BTW - Welcome to the site! Are you a photographer yourself? I take a great interest in photography. Far from professional but I do enjoy it!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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