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I'm sure you have noticed those beautiful bronze sculptures that Kristikay is putting photos of in her album. Well I keep looking at them and saying to myself "how is that done?".

Kristikay is going to do a Work in Process -- YAY. Here is the answer she sent me to my request for it. I got her permission to post it. The link she sent is really interesting and gives an overview of how it is done.

"that's a great idea! I'll be starting a commission of a Kudu soon (have never done one of these nor any other African animal!) and can post photos of my progress. But it'll be mostly of the clay. I use a foundry for the mold and casting process. I can take some photos of my work at the foundry after it goes through the casting process, though, when I travel there for a few days. It's ready for me at that time to look the metal sculpture over and work with them on refining the detail, then the patina and basing. There are sites online that will have photos of the different stages a sculpture goes through at a foundry. One is Very interesting process.."
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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