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Big Rose

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I got a critique from my husband :surprise: His critique was "It's too big, the picture is boring, I just don't care for it". I was a little crushed so I decided to try to get a more helpful critique so I'm asking how this can be improved. Maybe I need to put some pink tips on the peddles on the bottom? How can I improve the center of it, It's not looking real to me, should the I make the center larger?

This is a really big rose, it is on a 20x24 inch (51x61cm) wrapped canvas.


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Terry ._. You really were feeling bad about this pic? It's amazing! So much details, shadows, so realistic, I can almost smell it from my computer!
The stem was necesary for me too, was like "incomplete" before. You should make an appointment with the oculist for your husband >.<
It looks like the rose is criying :'( So beautiful :vs_sob:
Love it
My favourite of you, really.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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